The Problem

The IATA Recommended Practice governing Common-Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), RP 1797, does not include a technical specification. As a result, there is a proliferation of unique vendor-specific platforms and/or implementation methodologies. This has made support of airline applications and airport environments difficult and expensive:

  • There are at least seven CUTE platform suppliers. Airlines are now managing multiple variations of their passenger processing applications, such as check-in and boarding control. This requires several costly certifications with each vendor. The risk is that more platforms will enter the market, resulting in even more cost for no added value.
  • Technologies will continue to evolve, and requires that customer processing standards also evolve.
  • There is no broad industry standard for common use.

In 2004, the Joint Passenger Services Conference (JPSC) gave the CUSS Management Group the mandate to overhaul Recommended Practice 1797.

The Solution

IATA?s Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) initiative creates a single global standard for common use platforms.

The CUPPS Recommended Practice was approved by the JPSC in 2008. The CUPPS Management Group completed pilot tests in 2009. CUPPS Platforms are now commercially available, and airports are already starting to implement CUPPS environments.

The CUPPS Recommended Practice has broad industry support and has been adopted by IATA, Air Transport Association (ATA) and Airports Council International (ACI).

The Benefit

CUPPS will:

  • Reduce cost for airlines and airports by simplifying the procurement, installation, support and ongoing maintenance of vital passenger processing and operations.
  • Provide a detailed technical specification that supports current hardware and software, providing a framework for data privacy, consumer privacy, and standards-based statutory and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide a structured environment for introducing new technologies that support the evolving needs of the air transport industry.
  • Open the common use market to new entrants without introducing incremental effort and cost to the carriers.
  • Allow airlines to have one application that works as expected on any vendor?s CUPPS platform.
  • Be able to work at any airport, ensuring product and service consistency across the network.
  • Be supported and maintained easily, reducing time to market.
  • Facilitate an airport?s transition to common use, from kiosks to boarding controls.


IATA's Perspective

  • CUPPS is a technical solution that supports the air transport industry?s business strategies and needs effectively, including facilitating other IATA initiatives, such as Simplifying the Business (STB).
  • IATA is leading the industry in the development of CUPPS.  Its close cooperation with ACI has resulted in the first joint ACI-IATA recommended practice.

For Additional Information

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